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My Story

I have been training in martial arts since 2015.

In my first four Jiu Jitsu tournaments, I lost six of seven matches. After my third tournament, with a record of one win and five losses, I started to doubt my ability to perform in competitions.

I began to get weekly private grappling classes with a coach from my gym, and seven months after my first private class, I competed in another tournament, and won 5 of 6 matches, taking one gold medal and one silver medal.

Since then, I’ve competed in three more Jiu Jitsu tournaments, two wrestling tournaments, and fought on one of Australia’s biggest MMA promotions, winning six more medalsin the process.

I have trained in multiple gyms throughout Ireland, Canada and Australia, and trained under many world class coaches. I have spent a month training daily under John Kavanagh. I have had two private classes with Sergey Pikulsky. I have been cornered by and had multiple private classes with Daniel ‘Jacare’ Almeida. And I have trained under many other lesser known but high level coaches.

Throughout my time training and competing, I have run into other obstacles: resistance from family, pressure from society to pursue a more conventional path, the challenge of funding the martial arts lifestyle. I have fallen prey to all of these challenges in one way or another. I’ve been fired from jobs. I’ve tried to pursue alternative paths that I didn’t want to pursue.

I’ve spent a lot of hours talking through these challenges with an experienced psychologist, and in the process, I’ve learned a lot about this side of the martial arts path too.


No-Gi Jiu Jitsu

Small group or one to one

  • Sharpen and improve your favourite techniques

  • Identify and find solutions to problems you are encountering

  • Learn how to deal with competition anxiety

  • Practice what you’ve learned through drilling and flow rolling

Mixed Martial Arts

Small group or one to one

  • Learn how to integrate takedowns and strikes

  • Learn about the differences between MMA grappling and regular grappling

  • Improve your striking technique

  • Combine your padwork and takedowns together in a fun and interactive workout


Small group or one to one

  • Improve the takedowns you already know

  • Learn the techniques that have worked best for me in training and competition

  • Learn how to shadow wrestle, so you can sharpen your technique alone

  • Practice what you’ve learned through drilling and flow sparring



  • Two gold and seven silver medals in eight jiu jitsu tournaments, across Ireland, Canada, and Australia.

  • Silver medal in the Dublin Wrestling Open.

  • Fourth place medal in the Irish Wrestling Open.

  • Over 45 hours of private wrestling/grappling classes.

  • Over 15 hours of private kickboxing and MMA striking classes.

  • Competed in one of Australia’s largest MMA promotions, Eternal MMA.

  • Jiu Jitsu purple belt under John Kavanagh.

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